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Crush it! by Gary Vee

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion (Amazon), was published in October of 2009. Damn, 10 years ago!

Few easy steps to success:

  1. Love your family.
  2. Love your family.
  3. Love your family.
  4. Hard work.
  5. Passion.

Personal brand is necessity.

Trust your gut.

Passion can make a business. Make a popular media or blog and sell ads. Like runner blog → Nike.

Big brands have huge budgets for advertising and they are always looking for a way to spend it. They follow eyeballs.

If you promoting some items, make sure you have enough of it in your store. Otherwise warm clients will walk away towards another shop.

Be patient — auditory needs time to know you and your style. Two years at least.

Pick your medium that’s suits best your style. Gary can’t write. He could hire some social media manager but he didn’t. Other celebs hired some people to write twits and facebook posts for them, bu that sucks. Everybody knows who is writing — that’s fake.

Personal brand in social media is the future. It allows to inform the market about your job loss in 30 minutes. With great personal brand that counts.

Gary doesn’t advice anyone to quit their job — remember about your family.

You might consider that. Here how to check it: Do you love your work? Like really love? Don’t you vine every Monday morning. Does your employer allows you to have a public account?

Add call to action buttons to your blog.

Twitter is a great opportunity to connect with people.

Three steps to act in a social media: Search for needs, Ask for interests, Offer your product on demand.

Social media are the key to public. Live shows and real time interactions in comments are priceless.

Facebook will rule the world — driver’s licence of the internet and later as the wallet of the internet.

Follow your passion and your DNA.

Making a business taking not weeks and months but years. It takes so long, but that doesn’t matter because you follow your passion.

Gary takes all his video live and with only one shot.

Making a video or post to a blog should take as least time as possible. Because that’s not THE WORK.

How to start a blog about tabletop games: get all the tabletop games from your friends’ attics which you could get. Make a review for each for the next few months. Give a seminar or a speaking for the theme.

Affiliate programs are the first easiest way to earn money from your blog. The amounts are not huge, but something is better than zero.

Don’t hurry with monetising. That will pull your attention from the content. Reject few first offers — that would help to stay focused and the next offer will blow your head.

Legacy is over currency. All your actions are fixed in the internet. Do not do anything you will regret after.

We all are working in a customer service.

Thanks to Nick Toverovskiy for inspiration.

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